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Configure the system for your own workflow and processes ensuring your own Control and Compliance. Lock the Work Order/Job if the time or costs are exceeded or the process not followed. Dynamic alerts controlled by configurable rules shows you the Work Orders/Jobs that are having issues. Map and Track workers location and whether they are on-site or off-site and synchronise the on-site times to the Job timesheets. Validate your time spent to your Client. Map Work Order/Job locations showing status and warning alert status.App support for Apple IOS and Android Smart phones

Efficient & Powerful

Clear-View©™ - The ONLY one screen and view that you need to run your business. With all active Work Orders/Jobs linked to Clients, FM Managers, Contractors, Workers and Purchase Orders, Clear-View©™ shows all the escalations and alerts within the system. Updated in real-time the system highlights the immediate issues that you need to focus on. All activity and all status across the system driven from the one graphical view. The only view needed showing the information in an expandable view, Clear-View©™. Assure your Compliance with integrated Health & Safety Risk Assessments/Method Statements attached to the Work Orders that sends Job specific SWMS to the Workers to confirm their adherence by their signature before the Job starts. Automatically lock the Work Order/Job if the SWMS isn’t signed within a set time of the Worker going on-site. Enable Clients to update their Site Induction SWMS and attach these to the Work Orders/Job sent to each worker. Simple to use, no large learning curve, assure your Compliance - Keep it Simple.

Introduction To Clear Work-Order System

Asset Based Work-Order

Work Order system that is Asset based with an integrated SWMS/RAMS system that conforms to current Health & Safety legislation. Work Orders driven from Asset Maintenance Schedules.

Mobile Apps

Supported by mobile apps for Android and Apple IOS. Enterprise ready capability that can be used to manage, maintain and control thousands of Assets and Work Orders or just a few for the smaller Contractor.

Alerts And Warning

One Dynamic Smart-View, Clear-View©™ shows a Hierarchical tree view of all ongoing work with those transactions requiring attention highlighted by dynamic Warning Alert indicators.

Custom Process Setup

From FM Manager & Contractor to workers and customers. Clear WORK-ORDER helps you to get work done!. Asset flexibility. Work Orders raised automatically against assets pre-defined planned maintenance schedules or raised ad-hoc against undefined assets or locations Full activity history against the Asset. Word Order costs matched back against Purchase Orders/Contracts

Manage User And Their Access

Views for Clients, Contractors, FM Managers, Workers that only shows the pertinent information relevant to them.

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