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Asset Based Work-Order

Work Order system that is Asset based with an integrated SWMS/RAMS system that conforms to current Health & Safety legislation. Work Orders driven from Asset Maintenance Schedules

Property Owner

Alerts And Warning

One Dynamic Smart-View, Clear-View©™ shows a Hierarchical tree view of all ongoing work with those transactions requiring attention highlighted by dynamic Warning Alert indicators.

Letting Agent

Custom Process Setup

Dynamic and integrated Workflow processing allows different process/workflow setup for different Clients and different Work Order types within a Client.


Manage User And Their Access

Views for Clients, Contractors, FM Managers, Workers that only shows the pertinent information relevant to them.


Mobile Apps

Supported by mobile apps for Android and Apple IOS. Enterprise ready capability that can be used to manage, maintain and control thousands of Assets and Work Orders or just a few for the smaller Contractor.

Web Browser Based Work-Order System

Anywhere, Anytime

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